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Do It for Brooke

In September  I will be running the Half Marathon Des Sables - 120km through endless sand dunes, over rocky jebels and across white hot salt plains.  The sun will be my constant enemy with temperatures reaching 40 centigrade.  The sand will be my constant companion , clouds of it under my feet, sheets of it stinging my eyes.

I will carry all my supplies for the whole event, if I’m careful I can get the rucksack weight to 12kg - nearly 2 stone!

I know I’m in the twilight of years, this race will test my body,  challenge my self determination , dehydrate me to a critical level and shred my feet.  My body and soul will be tested to their breaking point . I’m not going into this naïve of what lies ahead, I know full well this race will try to bury me in a myriad of ways, I’ve done my homework and I know the stats of all the runners that have suffered from heatstroke, multiple organ failure and even death.


In one word


I’m running for Brooke

In April 2019 the Leavey family received the devastating news that Brooke has a tumour on her brain stem.  Brooke has been receiving care at the Southampton General Hospital and has now started treatment to shrink the tumour at University College London Hospital in the hope that this will alleviate some of the symptoms that she has developed.

The next phase of the treatment is yet to be determined but they are looking into every possible treatment including pioneering research that may take them overseas or into the private medical sector.  The family are desperate to fund this treatment they need to see their daughter continue to live her life as any 10 year old should.

PLEASE, PLEASE HELP, your donation will help and will be very much appreciated.

Any money received will be used to fund treatment and to assist the family with living cost.

Lisa and Daniel have a wonderful support network and as a community we are positive that we can all dig deep and play a vital part in the fundraising required.

You can follow Brooke’s story on FACEBOOK

You can donate via Brooke’s GO FUND ME page