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"I have been a fitness enthusiast for over 25 years and Back to Fitness provides the most energetic and well thought out routines that I have ever seen at any gym. Each exercise is well explained so the user can understand how to perform a particular routine; safely and properly. Back to Fitness also provide a complete exercise routine and eating plans for their clients.”

“Hats off to Back to Fitness for providing a cutting edge gym and personal training programme that suits me and my business lifestyle.”

“My girlfriend and I have been training at Back to Fitness for 3 years now and a lot of our personal goals have been achieved thanks to Rob Back and his dedicated team.

Andrew Rutter,

Managing Director, DTW Ceramics UK Limited


“As a busy designer fitness is very important as I often have to work long hours and be on my feet all day at a site or project.”

“Having experienced a good deal of circuit training and many instructors over the years, I can safely say that the ones at Back to Fitness are the best I have trained with.”

“I have been attending Back to Fitness’ morning circuits class since January 2010 and do not know how they think them up and keep them so varied – to my recollection we have not done the same circuit twice yet!”

“More over, rather than taking a ‘one size fits all’ approach in the class, the staff are receptive to and take on board feedback - always having an alternative technique or exercise up their sleeves if someone has an injury or problem with a certain area.”

Glenn Bramble-Stewart,

Owner, GBS Designs

"Achieve great results at Back to Fitness, the gym with a friendly atmosphere and a professional attitude.  A great mix of classic and modern techniques will help keep you motivated and reach your goals."

Jo Keeley,

Personal Training Client

“I am a 42 year old woman who had over 2 stone to lose but lacked the motivation to do so. Jules has been fantastic in providing the support and motivation to set a goal and then instil in me the enthusiasm to motivate myself to achieve it.”

“Even outside of classes and sessions, Jules gives me regular gentle prods by text to stop me from slacking when it might be easier to do so. I would thoroughly recommend Jules to anyone with aspirations of getting fit or losing weight. Trying to do this sort of thing on your own can be very challenging and it certainly helps with a mentor and motivator to help out when the enthusiasm wanes. Whilst I have yet to achieve my goal I am well on the way to doing so and have every confidence that Jules will continue to inspire me.”

Amanda Palmer, Waterlooville.

Back to Fitness / Gloves on Gym, 270A London Road, Waterlooville, Hampshire, PO7 7HG

023 9224 1222


“As the owner of a busy Public Relations and Marketing Consultancy and a mother of two young children, keeping in shape was delegated to the last priority each day. That said, I had a yearning to become more active and to gain higher fitness levels.  I was introduced to Rob and the Team through a Circuits Class that stimulated every part of me to take up a serious training regime. Two years later, I enjoy classes four times a week; a Personal Training session once a week and have never felt or looked as fit. Now the improvements to my work/life balance are evident and boxing hard in the gym relieves day to day frustrations far more than any other activity I have been involved in.”

Sharon Munday,

Director, On Your Case Ltd

“As a mother, the thought of a gym was furthest from my mind, but like many, I felt the need to lose a little weight; so I joined Back to Fitness. Jules and Rob both, though their enthusiasm and encouragement, lead me into standards of health and fitness that two years I would consider beyond my reach.”


“This dedicated pair of professionals took a woman who was out of breath running for a bus, to participant in both London and Rome Marathons among others.”


“It’s with sincere appreciation for their efforts and support, I say Thank You Back to Fitness for the way I feel today.”


Debbie Phillips, Personal Training Client

“The classes are brilliant and everyone at the gym is really nice and really supportive.  I would recommend them to everyone who would like to tone up and get fit.” To read Sara complete story click HERE

Sara Compton, Personal Training Client

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