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our team is full of highly trained individuals that are experts in there own field. From running to martial arts, our team has it covered.

Beginners Group Boxing Course

Back to Fitness is now hosting a course for those completely new to boxing who are wishing to learn all the basics from scratch.

The course involves 4 x 1hr sessions during which all the skills needed to pass the ABA ‘Preliminary Award’ will be taught:

These aspects will be assessed during the final one hour session by an ABA Tutor to see which areas can be improved and if successful to allow access on to the next level of award available in the ABA GB Boxing awards, the ‘Standard Award’.

This course may act as a first taste of boxing, as a fitness endeavour, or a confidence booster for our fighting fit classes.

The cost of the entire course is £60. This includes 4 x 1hr coaching sessions with fully trained ABA Boxing Award Tutors, a student book with everything you need for the course and certificates and medals for when you pass your Preliminary, Standard and Bronze Awards. Majority of people will pass their Preliminary assessment after their first course of 4 sessions.

Please contact Rob on 07767 792672 to get yourself on the waiting list for the course and we will inform you when a date becomes available.

Green Gloves

During this four week course (4 x 1 hour sessions spread over four weeks), you will learn the basics of boxing to get you started.

whats included:

  • - Learning a warm up routine
  • - Stance, guard and footwork
  • - Straight punches, hooks, jab and catch
  • - Combinations and defences
  • - Circuit training and cool down.

Price: £40

bronze Gloves

During this four week course (4 x 1 hour sessions spread over four weeks), you will learn the basics of boxing to get you started.

whats included:

  • - A more in depth warm up routine
  • - Skipping (showing co-ordination, change of direction and tempo)
  • - 3 x 2 mins partner work rounds demonstrating basic footwork patterns and a variety of hooks, straight punches, jab/catch, counter punches and defences.
  • - 2 x 2 mins pad rounds
  • - Circuit training
  • - Warm down/flexibility routine.

Price: £40

silver Gloves

To attend Silver gloves, both Green and Bronze levels must be achieved. Silver gloves takes a step up in terms of fitness and skill/technique.

whats included:

  • - A warm up routine which includes showing the ability to wrap hands with boxing bandages
  • - 5 minute continuous skip showing rope control, change of direction and change of tempo
  • - A timed run of 2.4 miles
  • - 10 punch combination
  • - A technique spar
  • - 10 target bags will then be used combining a mixture of speed balls, seated punching and a range of shots and combinations
  • - A timed circuit with a range of exercises will then be performed followed by a cool down

There are a total of 100 points available and you must achieve 80% or more to be awarded with Silver gloves – good luck!

Each Course is made up of 4 x 1 hour sessions, normally running consecutively.

Price: £40

The ultimate level and available upon request and only having completed Silver Gloves. Contact us for further details.