The ville boxing club

Back to Fitness gym launches a new affiliated England Boxing Club in your Waterlooville community – The Ville Amateur Boxing Club! For children who are looking to take boxing seriously with the aim of competing.

The Ville Amateur Boxing Club, led by Rob Back is located within the Back to Fitness gym and is an amazing space dedicated to The Ville Amateur Boxing Team. There is nothing like a boxing and training regime, it employs to achieve super fitness, and there is no buzz in any gym like you’ll find in a boxing gym. 

Here at Back to Fitness, we are passionate about engaging people from all ages and backgrounds in physical activity. We strive to provide fair and equal opportunities to all, so we’re proud to work in partnership with The Ville Amateur Boxing Club to enable them to offer sessions as an affordable price. 

This amazing new space is dedicated to the training of our new Ville Amateur Boxing Team and The Young Boxing Academy. 

Children can join The Ville Amateur Boxing Team from around nine years old, but the coaches will need to assess their current skill level before progressing any further. Please call Rob on 07767 792672 to be invited along.

Separately, children from age five can also participate in the GB Boxing Award Scheme (separate to The Ville Amateur Boxing Club). If the coaches believe they have the talent, then they can join The Ville Boxing Team, which is affiliated with England Boxing.

Or, if you are interested in joining the growing number of boys and girls boxing training at the newly extended Back to Fitness gym get in touch today!